1) ” The Hidden Heavenly Dragon ” The Dragon painting and Tai Chi performance art.
The Art of the meeting between two art forms suggest the Tai Chi esthetic.

2) Chinese New Year ink and wash painting for TD bank
The elegant process of an ink and wash painting with the image of a monkey.

3) Tai Chi Calligraphy Introduction
The principle concept of applying Tai Chi movement to calligraphy

4) “LAYER touch ” the performance art of the sensitive brush stroke.
Sensitive brush strokes drawn on translucent fabric accompanied by an improvised piece of music, showcasing the subtlety and sensuality of sound and stroke, haptic responses of the mind to music and materiality.

5) Tai Chi Brush Work art action 1
Through the interaction and improvisation of Henry’s Tai Chi Horse painting with guitar music, the perception of thought and the nature of ideas are suggested.

6) “ THE TRANSCENDENCE OF FIRE “multi-media Tai Chi Calligraphy performance art
On this occasion of Remembering Resilience, video, installation, action painting as well as audio-visual improvisation will be used to evoke the experience of the tragedy of War and the transcendence of Art.