Horse painting


The Circular brush strokes release the vital energy coming from the realm of my meditative Tai Chi

Movements flow like waves in an ocean; it is the ocean of ink and paint.
My restless circular brushstrokes release raw energy.
Opposite forces emerge from my mind, in conflict with each other, but also mutually complementary and interdependent.
Divinity and desire, endeavour and laziness, reason and sentiment … running round and round, I depict them in restless circular motions.

The galloping horses embody high motion in tranquility.
They are the visualization of the realm during my sitting mediation.
Right postures in stillness; right gestures of Tai Chi movement.
Calm down – focus – wondering thoughts – focus – void.
There is a spot of bright light in void.
Within the light, I am speechless—
I touch the reason why I paint